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Attention: Kevin Wilson’s novel about twins that spontaneously combust is going to be a movie.

Katie Yee

November 12, 2019, 2:30pm

The team that brought us The Fault In Our Stars(500) Days of Summer, and The Disaster Artist is coming together to adapt Kevin Wilson’s just-released novel. It is Elizabeth Gabler’s first acquisition at 3000 Pictures, a new production label focused on “book-friendly” films.

Nothing to See Here tells the story of Lillian and Madison, two friends at an elite boarding school who were inseparable—until Lillian takes the fall for a scandal and is forced to leave the school. Fast-forward ten years, and Madison finally reaches out to Lillian, asking her to be the caretaker of her twin step-kids. (It’s always creepy twins, isn’t it?!)

There’s just one small thing: the kids spontaneously combust when they get mad. (I’m imagining it to be kind of like Jack-Jack in The Incredibles but double the trouble.)

Sounds like there’s something to see here (not sorry).

[h/t Deadline]

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