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    At long last, here’s the trailer for Amazon’s adaptation of The Wheel of Time.


    September 2, 2021, 1:00pm

    Over three years since the series’s announcement, a trailer for Amazon Prime Video’s adaptation of Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time series has finally been released—and if we go by fans’ reactions, it was worth the wait.

    In the series, Rosamund Pike stars as the sorcerer Moiraine, living in a world where only a group of women called Aes Sedai are allowed to use magic, who finds three boys and two girls—one of whom she believes is the reincarnation of the Dragon, who has the power to destroy the world. She’s looking somber in the trailer; so are the Aes Sedai; the cast is huge; the music is frightening; so, everything you want in a high fantasy adaptation.

    The Wheel of Time is set to premiere on November 19th, and has already received an order for a second season. To me, the trailer’s impressive (I love a sweeping landscape shot)—but if it’s not for you, X-Men: First Class’s Zack Stentz is also making a Wheel of Time movie trilogy.

    Watch the trailer below:

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