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    Area book fairy makes books into treasures for local kids, civilization not over yet.

    Jonny Diamond

    December 9, 2019, 10:54am

    I worry about kids and screens, just as I worry about grown-ups and screens, just as I worry about Boomers and Facebook. So I am fully behind the heartwarming story of Denise Bowers, a pre-kindergarten teacher from Bluffton, South Carolina, who has started something called “Bluffton Kids Love Books,” which is part scavenger hunt, part little free library, wherein children’s books are cached around town for kids to discover. Instructions can be found on their Facebook page: “Please post pictures of the books your children find around town. Please refill the book bag with a new or gently used book, and hide the bag somewhere in Bluffton. Have fun and keep reading!”

    I’m all for (re)making books into a kind of treasure, and the children of Bluffton are lucky to have Ms. Bowers in their midst (or, rather, “The Bluffton Book Fairy,” as the bags are signed). But wait. It’s not just Bluffton, South Carolina. Apparently the book bags are starting to spread across the south, as visitors having taking the idea as far as Chattanooga, Tennessee. Go forth, children, and read a book.

    (VIA AP)

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