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Are you brave/desperate enough to try the Most Dangerous Writing App?

Jessie Gaynor

September 6, 2019, 11:05am

Writing a novel takes a long time because of how many of our hours we must spend not writing, for secret reasons. Especially accomplished procrastinators might find themselves with extraordinarily clean homes or a steady supply of cakes. (Thought personally, I prefer the “looking up the Instagram accounts of everyone in my fourth grade class” approach.) At some point, though, if you want to finish writing your novel, you’ll have to finish writing your novel. And if you’ve reached the point in your process where you need to resort to threats to do it, well, there’s an app for that. The Most Dangerous Writing App is a text editor that will delete everything you’ve typed in a given session, if you stop typing for five minutes.

The app will give you a warning—in the form of fading text—before your precious words disappear forever, so there’s something of a failsafe. It will also generate writing prompts for you, if you need some extra inspiration. Based on the first three I tried (“She’d got him wrong, but that was her loss,” “He had an hour to get home, or else,” and “He waited until her husband was out of the room, then…”) it seems like the app is prompting you to write sexy, sexy, noir—nice.

If the most dangerous game is human (it is), it makes sense that the Most Dangerous App is all about vanquishing our very human impulse to waste time on the internet.

[h/t The AV Club]



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