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Announcing the second season of FUSE: A BOMB Podcast.


May 18, 2021, 10:00am

For forty years, BOMB has been publishing artist-to-artist dialogues in print and online—and last year, they brought these artist conversations into a new medium by launching FUSE: A BOMB Podcast. We’re happy to announce that Season 2 of FUSE premieres today.

In each episode of FUSE, BOMB invites an artist to choose a guest from any creative discipline—an art crush, a close collaborator, or just someone they’ve admired from afar. Then, BOMB brings the two artists together for candid, in-depth conversations on art, inspiration, and practice. 

Here’s this season’s powerhouse line-up of artists:

• Musician Okay Kaya selects John Wilson of How To with John Wilson (HBO).
• Writer Olivia Laing (Funny Weather: Art in an Emergency) selects filmmaker Matt Wolf (Spaceship Earth, Hulu).
• Musician David Byrne (Talking Heads) selects hip-hop artist and comedian Open Mike Eagle.
• Choreographer Eiko Otake selects David Harrington, founder and violinist of Kronos Quartet.
• Choreographer Miguel Gutierrez (“Does Abstraction Belong to White People?”) selects performance artist Gabrielle Civil.
• Painter Tschabalala Self, whose work is showing at the Baltimore Museum of Art from March to September of 2021, selects musician Abdu Ali, whose work remixes jazz, rap, punk, and soul.
• Writer Maggie Nelson (On Freedom) selects visual artist Tala Madani.

You can subscribe to FUSE on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you listen—and get excited by watching the trailer below:

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