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Ann Patchett has written a picture book called Lambslide and its cover is cuter than it has any right to be.


May 8, 2019, 7:30am

Per Romper, Ann Patchett, notable writer of novels and memoirs for grown people, has written a children’s book called Lambslide. Although I am not a child, or even a person with a child, there are many things I like about this book.

1. The cover is adorable. Seriously. I like it very much. I’m almost annoyed about how much I like it. Excellent illustrating, Robin Preiss Glasser.

2. The title is a pun. The book is about a bunch of lambs who mishear “landslide” (from a child talking about a school election) and end up teaching themselves civics as they discuss their hopes and dreams for the slide. Cute; vaguely terrifying!

3. Ann Patchett. I like her! She writes good books and owns She writes good books and owns a bookstore that seems very lovely, though I have never been there myself.

Adorable work, everyone!

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