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An anonymous architect has imagined the Trump presidential library, complete with bedside urinals.


November 13, 2020, 1:07pm

In quarantine, some of us have more time on our hands than others—maybe none more so than the anonymous architect-cum-political critic who has taken the time to digitally render their take on the Trump presidential library.

The library serves as a reminder of Trump’s greatest hits, featuring exhibits like the COVID Graveyard, a burial ground for Trump supporters who didn’t take COVID seriously; the Alt-Right Auditorium, which regularly screens Birth of a Nation; and, of course, adjoining hotel rooms with stain-resistant sheets.

The COVID graveyard:


The hotel rooms adjoining the library (are those wax figures?):


The Donald J. Trump Presidential Library prison, featuring Donald J. Trump:


You can take a digital tour of the Donald J. Trump Presidential Library here. Just don’t get confused and accidentally visit the Donald J. Trump Presidential Library Landscaping.

[via Hyperallergic]

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