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Amy Sedaris has multiple copies of this book about rabbits.

Emily Temple

April 30, 2019, 2:12pm

Today, when The Strategist published a list of “50 Things Amy Sedaris Can’t Live Without,” I immediately went through it, looking for books. After all, underwear recs are nice and all, but as an editor at this here Literary Hub, I always want to know what people are reading, especially people as hilarious and—I mean this in the best way—patently bizarre as Amy Sedaris. True to form, the three books on her list are . . . not exactly what you’d expect, but highly delightful anyway! The best, of course, being “the only good book on rabbit care,” which is therefore a must for all rabbit enthusiasts’ libraries. From the list:

Marinell Harriman, House Rabbit Handbook

“House Rabbit Handbook is the only good book on rabbit care. I have several copies.”

Creative Growth, Coloring Book

“Creative Growth, an art studio in San Francisco for adults with developmental disabilities, put together this coloring book of the artists’ drawings.”

Jean Royère, Jean Royère: décorateur à Paris

“This is one of my favorite books about decorating. I used it for inspiration when I was working on my TV show.”

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