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    Ahem: Here is a poem about J.J. Abrams making a Dr. Seuss movie.

    Katie Yee

    October 1, 2020, 4:19pm

    Today is your day!
    You’re off to great places!
    Like a galaxy far, far away!

    J.J. Abrams of Star Wars fame has arrived.
    And he is bringing you a big surprise!
    Oh, The Places You’ll Go! is coming to the screen!
    A stranger sight you’ve never seen.

    He’s working with Warner Bros on this,
    a collaboration you won’t want to miss!
    Sadly, though, you’ll have to wait.
    And wait.
    Perhaps impatiently, like for bread to leaven.
    It’s not coming out until 2027.

    But it’s okay! Don’t despair! Don’t cry and don’t boo.
    Netflix’s Green Eggs and Ham was renewed for season two!
    Sooner yet, we’ll have The Cat in the Hat. (Yes, there’s more!)
    And it’s coming at you in 2024.
    Thing One and Thing Two are also getting thrown in the mix.
    And you’ll be able to see their feature film in 2026.

    So there you have it—that’s the book adaptation news.
    Something to look forward to, to get you out of your quarantine blues.


    [h/t Deadline]

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