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    A24 is pivoting to children’s books.

    Katie Yee

    June 9, 2022, 11:49am

    The beloved indie entertainment company A24—creators of MoonlightMinariMidsommar, and very cool merch—publishes their first children’s book today.

    Film buffs may recognize Claire A. Nivola’s Star Child as the book Joaquin Phoenix reads aloud to his nephew in C’mon C’mon (2021). The story follows a star on its journey through Earth, being born as a human child and living out a full life here: “You will be plunged into Earth’s river of time. There will be so much for you to learn, and so much for you to feel […] In your confusion and delight, you will forget where you came from.”

    We’re not crying—you’re crying!

    Originally published in 2014 by FSG, the book sadly went out of print. But today marks its glorious rebirth into the world. It also signifies A24’s plan to publish more children’s literature. Up next: two titles by Everything Everywhere All At Once co-director/writer Daniel Kwan. You just know we’re going to need tissues for those, too.

    star child Images courtesy of A24
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