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A Shakespeare First Folio sold this week for $10 million.

Corinne Segal

October 15, 2020, 10:56am

Congratulations to Stephan Loewentheil, the proud new owner of a Shakespeare First Folio, which he acquired on Wednesday at Christie’s for the low, low price of $10 million. And it’s not even his first one!

Loewentheil, who founded the 19th Century Rare Book and Photograph Shop in Brooklyn, purchased his first First Folio (sorry) in 2010 and either one or two others in the last decade. The edition of Shakespeare’s works was published in 1623 by John Heminge and Henry Condell.

It is unknown exactly how many copies exist—according to some estimates, there could be more than 200 in circulation—but it is incredibly rare to find a complete edition; the copy that Loewentheil purchased is one of only five in the world and comes from Mills College, which decided to sell it to help cover a budget deficit. Seems pretty helpful to have one of these lying around.

[via Fine Books & Collections]

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