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A new digital humanities project celebrates Dante’s impact on art around the world.


July 15, 2021, 12:29pm

Talk about following virtue and knowledge: The Visual Agency has created, a digital humanities tool that maps the influence of Dante Alighieri’s narrative world on art around the globe. displays artworks that depict scenes in the Divine Comedy—illuminated manuscripts, engravings, canvases, frescoes, and drawings. Users can browse the collection by the works’ visual similarity, or by scene of the poem that the artwork depicts. (So if you want to skip straight to Paradiso, you can.)

The over 1000 collected artworks span 700 years of artistic heritage and 90+ museums, but the collection isn’t complete: users can suggest missing artworks to add to the collection. As Dante’s legacy grows, so too does the archive. What a useful resource for Dante fans! (What do we call fans of Dante? Comedians?)

Browse here.

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