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7 stone-faced writers accompanied by perfect cuties.

Emily Temple

October 28, 2022, 9:45am

Listen. It’s Friday, and things aren’t great. But here’s something nice for you: a collection of frowning, eye-rolling, dead-panning literary types holding on to adorable animals. Like I said, it’s Friday. The real question is—how could you be so grumpy whilst in the company of these A+ furballs? We may never know, but . . . writing is hard, man. Behold, some contenders for the greatest/most miserable author/pet photos of all time—but please add to our collection in the comments if you are so moved.

Linguist Yuri Knorozov with his cat Aspid

Yasnuari Kawabata and a boatload of puppies

Radclyffe Hall ignoring a very good boy

Edith Wharton and two of her many ghost dogs

Gertrude Stein with her poodle Basket [photo by Man Ray]

Toni Morrison eyerollin’ with manuscript and cat [photo by Bernard Gotfryd]

Dorothy Parker, not interested at all [photo by Norman Parkinson]

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