• “My Mother is Chinese and My Father is English…” On Defying Racial and Cultural Classification in Northern California

    From Tessa Hulls’s Graphic Memoir, “Feeding Ghosts”

    The following is from Feeding Ghosts: A Graphic Memoir by Tessa Hulls.


    Excerpted from Feeding Ghosts: A Graphic Memoir by Tessa Hulls. Published by MCD/FSG, an imprint of Macmillan. Copyright © 2024 by Tessa Hulls. All rights reserved.

    Tessa Hulls
    Tessa Hulls
    Tessa Hulls is an artist, a writer, and an adventurer. Her essays have appeared in The Washington Post, Atlas Obscura, and Adventure Journal, and her comics have been published in The Rumpus, City Arts, and SPARK. She has received grants from the Seattle Office of Arts and Culture and 4Culture, and she is a fellowship recipient from the Washington Artist Trust. Feeding Ghosts is her first book.

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