“Moon News.” A Poem by Elisa Gabbert

From Her New Collection, Normal Distance

September 14, 2022  By Elisa Gabbert

Moon News

I read that in January of 1912, “the moon came closer to
the Earth than at any time in the previous 1,400 years.”

High tides make the sea extra iceberg-y; ergo, the moon
sunk the Titanic.

When you turn your concentration to one thing, you turn
your distraction to something else. Distraction as dark
side of the moon.

Every photo of the moon from the moon looks black and
white, because the moon is black and white.

I resent all this news about the moon. I only love the
moon when it takes me by surprise.

Here’s my favorite thing about the moon: A moonwalker
said when he’s looking at the sky, he sometimes suddenly
remembers: That’s my moon, the same moon I walked on.
(To each their own moon.)

We realize the same things over and over, new every

We are born not remembering why we walked into the


Elisa Gabbert, Normal Distance

From Normal Distance by Elisa Gabbert. Used with permission of the publisher, Soft Skull Press. Copyright 2022 by Elisa Gabbert.

Elisa Gabbert
Elisa Gabbert
Elisa Gabbert, a poet, critic, and essayist, is the author most recently of The Unreality of Memory: And Other Essays and The Word Pretty. She writes a regular poetry column for The New York Times, and her work has appeared in Harper’s Magazine, The New York Review of Books, A Public Space, and elsewhere. Her next collection of essays, Any Person Is the Only Self, is forthcoming from Farrar, Straus and Giroux.

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