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Here are the winners of the 2022 Whiting Literary Magazine Prizes.

Emily Temple

July 14, 2022, 9:01am

Today, the Whiting Foundation announced the winners of its 2022 Literary Magazine Prizes, which honor “the most innovative and essential publications at the forefront of American literary culture.” The five winners were chosen—from an initial pool of more than eighty applicants —based on their “excellence in publishing, advocacy for writers, and a unique contribution to the strength of the overall literary community.”

“This prize was designed to create cohorts capable of tackling shared challenges with mettle and imagination, and it’s thrilling to picture the conversations that these terrifically varied magazines will have,” said Courtney Hodell, director of literary programs, in a statement. “We look forward to learning with and from them.”

The 2022 print winners are:

ZYZZYVA (San Francisco, CA), a stalwart West Coast publication with national reach, an exquisitely curated reading experience, and top-notch design.

Medium-Budget Print Prize Winner ($150,000–$500,000 budget)
Total prize: $60,000

Bennington Review (Bennington, VT), a relaunch of an eminent university publication—a visually stunning journal with an imaginative and sophisticated vision that offers hands-on experience to the next generation of editors.

Small-Budget Print Prize Winner (under $150,000 budget)
Total prize: $30,000

American Chordata (Brooklyn, NY), a budding independent magazine full of thought-provoking interplay between text and visual art—a careful assemblage of young writers and artists alongside recognized talents.

Print Development Grantee (under $50,000 budget)
Total prize: $15,000

And the 2022 digital winners are:

Apogee Journal (New York, NY), an incubator for multicultural writers with a finger on the pulse of the literary landscape and an established reputation for publishing stellar up-and-comers.

Digital Prize Winner (under $500,000 budget)
Total prize: $19,500

Electric Literature (Brooklyn, NY), a buzzing concourse for news and ideas publishing compelling essays, short stories with insightful context, and incisive critical coverage of the literary world.

Digital Prize Winner (under $500,000 budget)
Total prize: $19,500

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