• For the Win: 10 Literary Games that’ll Make Great Holiday Gifts

    (Bookish) Fun for the Whole Family!

    The holidays are all fun and games until you realize you forgot to get a gift for someone. Here are a few sure-to-please board/card games from 2022 that will make great last-minute gifts. Plus, they’re good to break out in case of awkward silences at family reunions.


    For your thespian friend, who loved studying abroad in London and came back with a fake British accent:

    the shakespeare game

    The Shakespeare Game by Adam Simpson

    For your friend who should actually start a podcast:

    the moth

    The Moth Presents: A Game of Storytelling

    For the grandma that’s a little too into CSI:

    agatha christie bingo

    Agatha Christie Bingo by Ilya Milstein

    For the academia dad who is always a puzzle:

    joyce puzzle

    The World of James Joyce by Michael Kirkham

    For the person in your MFA who is bold with fonts:


    Gutenberg by Katarzyna Cioch, Wojciech Wiśniewsi, and Rafał Szłapa

    For the writer who is paralyzed by the dream of precision and who could spend hours mulling over a single word:

    awkword game

    Awk-word! by Ridley’s Games

    For the hopeless romantic on Hinge who just wants someone to bewitch her, body and soul:

    matchmaking jane austen

    Matchmaking: The Jane Austen Memory Game by John Mullan, illustrated by Barry Falls

    For that mansplaining uncle who won’t shut up for even, like, one second:

    literary charades

    Literary Charades

    For the roommate who still texts you his Wordle score on a daily basis:

    wordle game

    Wordle: The Party Game

    For your niece who is a freshman in high school and who you are hoping to convert into a fellow book lover:

    literary puzzle

    50 Must-Read Books of the World Bucket List 1000-Piece Puzzle by Ridley’s Games

    Katie Yee
    Katie Yee
    Katie Yee is a Brooklyn-based writer.

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