“DOE PROBLEMS,” a Poem by Kevin Latimer

From the Collection “SOUP”

February 19, 2024  By Kevin Latimer


most beautiful part of my mouth ruined when the buildings collapsed.
phosphorus like white blessings. our generational curse is being bad at foresight.
grandma always said, grinding your teeth is like inviting a tsunami; like that time
i came out to my dad & the Days Of Our Lives commercial blaring in the background &
the silence on the phone & the silence on the phone & the void of the dial tone & the plum
tree wilting outside my window & the sinew of God’s lips still fresh on my tastebuds
& the doe in my backyard giving a bath to her young & the sparrow swooping down
to end his fast & the sunrise splayed lilac, crested orange, red seeping into a wet
green & whatever is ahead of us is ahead of my body & so it will stay here. God,
close your mouth! the big river is leaking & sauntering everywhere. bad dancer.
stubborn liar; like in the hallway in seventh grade when Mrs. Kerry asked me what i
did for my birthday & i told her nothing & after the next period, the lights dimming
low & a chorus of crackling voices singing Happy Birthday & the tears on my cheek
& the true meaning of being alive in the softness of the cake, the young gospel, the weight
on my eyelids as i fall into the sweetest dream. halo atop my head. they built a factory on mars,
and there are no unions. war in the streets & what to do but run? i think i’m in love. missiles
overhead make dinner conversation very difficult. waiter asks me, if you were a boat,
what kind of boat would you be? i have problems with sudden conversation.
it’s an interesting time to invest in hedge trimmers. beautiful furniture patterns
make me dizzy. most days i run off with little or no sleep.


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Soup by Kevin Latimer is available via Grieveland.

Kevin Latimer
Kevin Latimer
Kevin Latimer is an artist. His plays have been produced by convergence-continuum. He has won scholarships, fellowships, & awards from The Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art, Cleveland State University, The Juniper Summer Writing Institute, & Twelve Literary Arts. He is the author of Zoetrope (2020) and Soup (2024). He lives in Cleveland, Ohio.

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