What’s the Best Jane Austen Movie Adaptation of the 90s?

An Illustrated Guide to Your Viewing Options

November 10, 2015  By Sky Friedlander

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Sky Friedlander
Sky Friedlander
Sky Friedlander is an illustrator and bookseller.

  • Not sure I agree with your views of the other movies but your conclusion is spot on. Amanda Root gets more beautiful as the film progresses. They’re both adults and you can’t stop yourself from standing up and cheering at the end.

  • Tracey Trying Tobeincognegro

    OMG! The letter-reading scene . . . Best adaptation, period.

  • JaxxonArgonaut

    May I suggest a TV version? I realise it’s outside the stated question but I hate that this version never gets mentioned…Miles better than the Gwyneth Paltrow movie (with Ewan McGregor not looking his best, quite true), was a 1996 ITV (UK) adaptation in two parts: Kate Beckinsale as Emma (much warmer than GP), Mark Strong as Knightley (attractive but not overtly handsome, as K should be – Jeremy Northam is traditionally gorgeous, obvs the love interest, spoils any mystery), and early parts for Samantha Morton (Harriet) and Olivia Williams (Jane Fairfax). Prunella Scales is Miss Bates, always marvellous.
    It’s really good, I thoroughly recommend it, and copies seem to be available on Amazon etc – you’ll never need bother with the GP movie again!

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