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    Field Notes From My Dementia

    Gerda Saunders on Iris Murdoch, Memory Loss, and Leaving a Record

    June 22, 2017  By Gerda Saunders

    Pop Culture

    Why Has No One Ever Heard of
    the World's First Poet?

    Enheduanna is Revered by Ancient Alien Conspiracy Theorists—But Few Others

    June 22, 2017  By Charles Halton


    Pamela Paul on the Beauty of a Disorganized Bookshelf

    The Author of My Life with Bob Talks to Paul Holdengraber

    June 22, 2017  By Literary Hub

    Daily Fiction

    A look at Janet Capron’s memoir Blue Money.

    A story from Turf, Elizabeth Crane's new collection.

    A short story by Anna Marschalk-Burns.

    A look inside Eugene Lim's new novel.