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    New Nonfiction

    The Editor Who Pulled Joseph Conrad from the Slush Pile

    How Edward Garnett gave a 37-Year-Old Conrad his First Big Break

    December 15, 2017  By Helen Smith

    Writing Life

    East Bay Booksellers: 10 Small Press Books You Should Read

    From Leonora Carrington to Tongo Eisen-Martin

    December 15, 2017  By Literary Hub

    Writing Life

    Making the Jump from Stage to Page

    Playwright-Turned-Novelist Kia Corthron on the Varieties of Storytelling

    December 15, 2017  By Kia Corthron

    Daily Fiction

    From Olaf Olafsson’s novel, One Station Away

    A short story by Noy Holland

    Jussi Valtonen’s novel, They Know Not What They Do

    Read from Yasunari Kawabata’s novel, Dandelions